Understanding Prints & Editions Pricing

By Admin On September 18, 2014


Understanding pricing and ensuring you pay the fairest price for prints and editions can be a confusing task.

You will need to understand the three key elements – the artwork, the condition and the seller.

The price for the same artwork can differ greatly between sellers, but the cheapest price is not always the best, this may come at a price.

With a newer edition it is generally easier to establish the correct price as a buyer due to the fact that the print should be in generally good condition (but there will always be exceptions), when looking at older prints such as a Warhol the condition will greatly effect the price.

It is very important to obtain condition reports for the piece you are interested in, and compare reports. the price should correlate with the condition but in the art world you will find this is not always the case.

Many physically galleries will work on the impulse buy knowing that then and there you have no chance to compare prices. This could end up costing you a large premium.

As a buyer it is important to feel good about the piece you wish to acquire and the price at which it’s valued.

At Rather Superb we provide clear condition reports along with fair pricing. We are fully aware that you have the ability to compare condition and pricing amongst galleries, our philosophy is catered towards building long term client relationships through fairness and trust.

On many instances we will buy back the same piece of work at a later time.

We are very happy to offer advice on purchasing prints and editions should you need some. Feel free to contact us using the above contact page and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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